MajorMUD Spell Schools

There are various magic- or power-oriented classes in MajorMUD:

  • Classic druidic, mage and priestly schools using mana
  • Bards that sing songs using mana
  • Mystics practising forms using kai

Bard Songs

A Bard sings songs to inspire friends or debuff enemies. The class has early access to buffs for core stats and combat but a limited choice of magical attack. Bards have no direct heals but there are some songs to boost health regen and another song to drain health. A Bard is very much the team player once reaching mid 20s with a expanding song book of party-wide boosts.

Druidic School

The druidic school revolves around wildlife and nature. Expect protective resistance buffs and shields, restorative powers such as heals and cure poison, and nature-oriented attacks against single targets or the full room. The Ranger can cast only Druid-1 spells whereas the Druid has access to all grades of druid magic.

Mage School

The mage school has protective buffs and combat boosts, offers high damage against single targets, and a range of powerful room-sweeping spells. The mage school has no healing powers. The Gypsy and Warlock are able to cast Mage-1 and Mage-2 spells while the Mage can unlock the full arsenal.

Mystic Forms

The Mystic employs forms to enhance their combat. A form uses kai as opposed to mana but it serves the same purpose. Early-game forms are generally beneficial but later forms have pros and cons such as boosting accuracy but debuffing AC.

Priestly School

The priestly school has good options for restorative heals, a range of buffs and debuffs, and hard-hitting divine attacks with some emphasis on damage against the undead. The Paladin is restricted to Priest-1 spells. The Missionary and Cleric can cast Priest-1 and Priest-2. The Priest has access to all priestly powers.

Priestly spells may be divided into evil-aligned or good-aligned. Character alignment will affect which spells can be cast.