MajorMUD Keys

View keys in MajorMUD with notes and sources. This is a mirror of MudCentral's key list and The Big List Of MajorMUD Keys. Note that almost all keys will be deleted at cleanup if left on the ground.

Name Description Purpose Source
Adamantite Key This large key is crafted from the dusky grey metal known as adamantite. It is indestructible and quite heavy for its size. Stamped into the head of the key is a bold royal insignia. Unlocks door to Dark-Elf Queen Given by Sleazy Shopkeeper in Dark-Elf City
Amber Key Dropped by inquisitor (100%)
Amber Talisman This small, circular disc is engraved with a curving sigil of peculiar design. Slave Leader on Slums rooftop (or Dying Slave Leader)
Ancient Key Dropped by Angelic Hunter (100%)
Ancient Obsidian Key A large key fashioned from obsidian shows immense age and use. It is very worn, and some of the teeth seem to have disappeared entirely, you are sure this key is totally worthless. Unlocks door leading to basement in Crimson Fort Dropped by Inquisitor Fulgore (50%)
Basalt Key This black, porous stone key is indestructible despite its fragile appearance. Needed for Phoenix Feather quest. Use on the door in Lava Fields. Made by Morukai when you give him all 4 components
Black Serpent Key This glossy, sinuous key depicts the form of a serpent with red, glinting eyes. The teeth of the key are oddly curved as well, and any lock this key fits must be of a completely different construction than any ordinary lock you've seen. Unlocks massive door to Rhuduar in Dragon's Teeth Hills Dropped by dark monk (20%), dark mystic (20%)
Black Star Key This black iron key's head is shaped like a circled five-pointed star. You get a faint feeling of distaste when touching it. Unlocks door to Black House in Slums Dropped by dark cultist (7%), guard captain (1%)
Bloodstone Orb This small, heavy stone orb is swirled with green and red, and feels slightly warm to the touch. A single glowing rune in the side pulsates with hidden power. Opens passage leading to Dark-Elf City Gnome Commander
Bone Key This small, fragile-looking key appears to be made of bone. It is quite cold to the touch. Unlocks door to training halls for level 11 in third floor of Graveyard Crypt Dropped by Mummy (100%)
Brass Key This shiny brass key has the image of a burning flame on its handle. Unlocks exit door in mini boss room on route to level 11 trainer Dropped by Two-Headed hydra (100%)
Chiseled Key This key was chiseled from hard volcanic rock. The edges of the handle are rough and unpolished. The key portion has been smoothed down to fit a lock properly. Dropped by lava imp (5%)
Chrome Key This small, shining key is made of brilliantly-reflective metal. Etched into the end is a small, lidded eye. Unlocks the southern door in the Ancient Ruins leading to the lower levels Dropped by Huge Basilisk (100%)
Copper Amulet This small, round amulet is crudely stamped with a symbol representing a roaring lion. It hangs on a heavy chain. Needs to be in inventory to pass though barrier in Saracan Fort
Copper Key This is a large copper key. Its handle has an eye stamped into it. Unlocks exit door in mini boss room on route to level 11 trainer Dropped by Owlbear (100%)
Cross Key This heavy gold key's handle is shaped like an X. The barrel and teeth are smooth and shiny. One of three keys needed to make Dark Temple Key Dropped by dark bishop (100%)
Crown Key Dropped by White King (100%)
Dark Temple Key This heavy obsidian key is smooth and warm to the touch. Its head is crafted in the shape of a horned skull, with glowing rubies for eyes. The skull seems to grin at you maliciously, and you get a feeling of disease while this is near you. Made in Black Fortress to access Champion of Blood Put keys in device in Room of Change
Dragon Key This odd key has a head shaped like the visage of a toothily grinning dragon. The barrel and teeth of the key are of a black metal, and set in the barrel are five tiny stones, one each of blue, red, green, black and white. Made in Ancient Ruins at the dragon carving using dragon fangs Unlocks door to progress further towards Goru-Nezar
Feathered Key The hard thick shafts of bird's feathers have been shaped into the odd semblance of a key. There are no strings or glue, and you can only assume they are held together by magic. Accesses Phoenix Dropped by giant efreeti (25%)
Gate Key This simple key is fashioned of a strange black metal. Impossibly tiny teeth line both sides of it, suggesting an incredibly-complex locking mechanism. For some reason, you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and want to dispose of the key quickly.
Glass Key This two-pronged glass key emits a faint magical aura. Needed to access Ice Sorceress Dropped by large yeti (100%)
Glowing Key This small key is slightly translucent, and has no teeth or lock interface whatsoever. Circular runes are carved around the small head, and the key glows from within with a pale blue light. Unlocks the door to Dark-elf Archmage tower Given by Sleazy Shopkeeper in Dark-Elf City
Glowing Red Amulet This heavy iron amulet is surrounded by a dull red glow. It is inset with rubies and is carved in the shape of a black sun. It hangs upon a fine chain of black metal, and seems warm to the touch. Unlocks door to room with large chest in Black Fortress. Must be worn to be used. Dropped by greater hellion (100%)
Golden Idol Made of the purest gold this small caricature of a warrior looks fierce even with its oversized proportions. Normally gold of this type is very soft and malleable though the detailed working of this figurine shows no wear and no matter what you try a scratch cannot be left upon it. Needed to travel through Earthen Catacombs on way to Lost City Found in a chest in Captains Quarters in Lagoon Reef
Golden Key This small, heavy key is made of pure reddish gold. Its smooth surface is unadorned, but seems to radiate a strange force that makes your hair stand on end. Unlocks door to treasure room above Dark-Elf Queen Dropped by Guardian Beast (100%)
Golden Lion Key This small, heavy gold key's head is crafted to ressemble a roaring lion. It is smooth and warm to the touch. Unlocks door to access level 4 of Great Pyramid. This key will fall down into the scorching pits soon after dropping. Pick it up quickly! Dropped by floating key (100%)
Greasy Leather Bracelet This heavy, thick bracelet is filthy and looks well-used. A single strange rune has been burned into one side of it. Upon closer inspection, you notice that the leather is in fact the skin of a human! Opens secret passage on tunnel, 1st level Dropped by Wererat Emissary (100%)
Green Metal Key This large, heavy key is made of some rough green metal. Its many teeth jut out at strange angles. The key's head is crafted in the shape of a serpent's head. One of two keys needed to get to Thrag Dropped by Slave-master (100%)
Helmet Key Dropped by Nahr (100%)
Hydra Key This large stone key's head is shaped to ressemble the hideous serpentine form of a hydra. Unlocks door to Hydra and level 55+ trainer Dropped by Manscorpion King (100%)
Iron Key This is a heavy iron key. Its handle is crafted to form a circle, allowing easy storage. Unlocks doors to rooms containing Crimson Chest Dropped by Inquisitor Fulgore (1%)
Large Iron Key This massive iron key is quite crudely made. Its solid construction makes it fairly invulnerable to damage, however. One of two keys needed to get to Thrag Dropped by Werewolf (100%)
Magma Amulet Dropped by magma golem (5%)
Magma Key Magma was dripped into a mold and slowly cooled to form this key. It is small enough to fit within the palm of your hand, or a tiny lock. Allows entrance into the hot areas of the Lava Fields Given to you by Dhelvanen in exchange for a greater hellhound hide
Moldy Key This large, heavy iron key is covered with a thin layer of mold and fungus. It appears to be quite old and abused. Unlocks door to exit moat in Dark-Elf City Given by Sleazy Shopkeeper in Dark-Elf City
Obsidian Key This is a large shiny key carved from obsidian stone. Its handle is wrapped with silver thread. Dropped by fire lizard (100%)
Platinum Key A small key made of platinum it seems to weigh as much as a feather. Something is enscripted on the key, but it is not in a language you recognize. worthless. Unlocks door to tomb with Death Minion and a pristine coffin ... Dropped by death minion (100%)
Polished Key Dropped by large red demonling (100%)
Red Rock Key The porous red volcanic rock has been shaped into a thick key. It seems to absorb body heat and constantly gives off a warm feeling. Dropped by fire knight (5%)
Ruby Key This is a large silver key, with an eye-sized ruby set in the handle. It is set upon a thick leather thong. Dropped by minotaur champion (100%)
Ruby Key Dropped by inquisitor (100%)
Runed Key This small red key is inscribed with glittering black runes. It is very heavy for its size, and seems to glow warmly when you hold it. One of three keys needed to make Dark Temple Key Dropped by dark wizard (100%)
Runic Key Dropped by Fallen Angel (100%)
Rusty Iron Key This large, heavy key is covered in a layer of thick brown rust. Engraved in its handle appears to be two words in the old script, reading "Western Door". locks the Western Door in Slums Dropped by Orc Warleader (25%)
Sapphire Key Dropped by inquisitor (100%)
Skeleton Key This small, fragile key appears to be made out of yellow bone. The handle is a rat's skull, with small glass marbles for eyes. Needed to access Shadow Fist Temple Sold at Rhudaur Thieve's Guild
Skull Key Dropped by Nahr (100%)
Skull Key This large, light key is made of polished ivory. Its many teeth are sharp, and its handle is carved in the form of a grinning skull. One of three keys needed to make Dark Temple Key Dropped by master assassin (100%)
Steel Key This large, shining key is well-crafted and seems to be used often. Stamped in its head is the shape of a roaring lion. Unlocks door to treasure room Dropped by Leo the Quick (100%)
Stone Hand Allows access deeper into the Saracen Fort Dropped by Saracen Commander (100%)
Stone Key Dropped by ogre (100%)
Stone Key Dropped by inquisitor (100%)
Stone Rook Key Dropped by Azrandimon (100%)
Training Key Needed to train above level 65 on easy route Sold at Training Keys
Wire Key This small key is made of a complex intertwining of steel wires. Unlocks the door to the Library Dropped by Flesh Golem (100%)