About TurboSentry Redux 0.0.39

TurboSentry Redux merges top lists taken from MajorMUD realms to create a combined world list.

What happened to the original TurboSentry?

TurboSentry was lovingly cared for by members of the community from 2004 to 2023 but it was hard-coded to include only legit (paid-for) realms and the implementation was from a bygone age. TurboSentry Redux is a rewrite of TurboSentry using Java 17, Spring Boot and Thymeleaf.

How do I get my realm on TurboSentry Redux?

Any realm - stock, with edits, or heavily modded - can be added to TurboSentry Redux. Heroes and gangs are included in world rankings only for stock realms. A non-playing account is required by the collector bot. Please email turbosentry@gmail.com to get your realm(s) listed.


TurboSentry Redux is developed by and copyright Robin Ellis (LinkedIn).